With the return of the checkered culture, I am more than happy to announce that I got my laptop back, which has some of the long forgotten pictures that I always wanted to post, but couldn’t because of some or the other major technical mishap. It was an unanticipated recovery , but who doesn’t love some extra content ? In today’s post you would see ,whirling through the time when traditional met modern and delivered a chic look of a different stripe. The photos may date a few months old, but I like to get absorbed in this new era of Plaid- ness – rather than Plain-ness .

A classic shirt dress is one of the signature downtown piece of clothing and it’s even crept into the runway by no crook, also known for the old grown love of all things comfy and can be literally mined for its familiarity . Juxtapose several trends together and this piece of clothing gets a new lift rendering high fashion in the most legible and consumable forms. The trends I am talking about here are in the little extra details delivered via sleeves ,in the form of a creative bow knot which can be moved back and forth or played around for a more cutting edge show. Todays outfit is dramatic, I know I know, the sunnies kinda steal away the show , but not outrageous ? I don’t know- But you have the liberty to Judge away …
Though rules are not hard, the trick for mixing plaids is quite obvious . I love mixing things in all my glory, but here is a rule – You don’t want to mix plaids of same sizes or colour, but feel free to experiment with other prints. In my case my floral larger than life sunnies are a fashion extra , more on the stylish front than on a rakish one.When you see something thats been put together in patterns you have to take a moment and look and see where it works ?
I like it when high fashion aesthetics are fused into accessible and relatively affordable clothes that has at least a little kinship with high-end streetwear which kinda serve as bridge and lets you cross that line where nothing becomes not (buyable ).
With New York Fashion week 2017 (NYFW2017 ) and Milan Fashion Week 2017 (MFW2017) just ending up and India fashion week 2017 around the corner, I see plaids trend has been tossed out and street style witnessed some most amazing styles and mixes which were better than the runway and grabbed my eyeballs. While I may find my realm in a school girl inspired plaids at the moment, and still adding more to the shopping cart with another window open on my device, you don’t forget to bounce off in the comments and tell me what kind of a plaidster you are ?